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New Policies: Bank Statements and Deposit Required for Volunteer Applications

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Written January 16th, 2020

Published January 16th, 2020

Notice from C4C Management Team


Our management team works hard to extend quality support to our volunteers, partners, and beneficiaries. Over the past months, we have made many behind-the-scenes changes to our volunteer recruitment and support procedure, to maximize our impact on our students and women as well as to increase the quality of our volunteers' experiences. Following this intent, we will be implementing two new policies.

Starting January 16th, all volunteer applicants must submit the two following things:

1. Bank Statement:

All accepted volunteers must upload a bank statement to the Next Steps Questionnaire form. We ask for this document to make sure that volunteers have enough money to support themselves while in the country and also to leave the country for a visa run or to go back home.

Why? After a volunteer leaves their post, if they do not have enough funds to cover their stay in Vietnam or to cover their travels to leave the country after their visa expires, they become a liability to our partners and organization and especially to themselves. We care about the safety of our volunteers during AND after their time with us.

2. $100 Deposit:

Once a volunteer has been matched with their post and officially accepted, they will be sent a link to pay a deposit of $100. This will be returned to the volunteer within the last 2 weeks of their commitment. If the volunteer leaves their commitment early, then they will not receive their deposit back. C4C is a small nonprofit that operates with limited resources, and this deposit is implemented to help cover the costs incurred when a volunteer leaves their post earlier than agreed upon.


We operate as a nonprofit social enterprise. Our organization makes its funds for the Empowerment Plan programs: Her Craft and Her Academy, through the Teach for Change Program. For every English teacher volunteer that we send to a TFC Post Partner, the Partner gives us a certain sum of money (which differs for each partner) or provides us a percentage of their yearly income, which we use to fund the FREE programs and resources for our beneficiary women and children in the Empowerment Plan programs. Although we do accept donations, which help improve and speed up the work of our social support programs, we rely mostly on the funds from the Teach for Change project to run the organization itself.

So not only do the Teach for Change volunteers create the funds that directly support our beneficiaries, but they also work in partner centers whose managers are dedicated to providing quality English language lessons at a lower cost than other local centers, so that more students have access. Volunteers make up the backbone of our nonprofit and we are eternally grateful for the kind support that they have given us!

When a volunteer does not complete their agreed commitment time, we unable to effectively fund and support our beneficiary women and children. Additionally, their English classes are forced to stop, which becomes an issue both to the business stability of our partner schools as well as to the effective education of our students.


Some questions you might be wondering:

How much money should I have in my bank account?

We recommend for our volunteers to have AT LEAST enough funds to cover their travel cost of returning to their country (or of their travels to the next country in their itinerary), travel cost for visa runs (if applicable), and about $200 per month that they volunteer with us.

How can I submit the deposit?

Volunteer candidates will be sent directions via email, which will lead them to submit the deposit via paypal. You do not need a paypal account to submit the deposit. You can just use a debit or credit card.

What if paypal doesn't work for me?

First, contact our management team via email ( to let us know. We will arrange for your Teach for Change Post Partner to collect your deposit in cash within the first 7 days of your volunteering commitment.

What if I don't pay the deposit?

You will not be allowed to volunteer with us. If we have arranged for you to pay your deposit with cash in person, and you do not do so within the first 7 days, we must ask you to leave immediately.

How will I get my deposit back?

You can receive your deposit back within the last two weeks of your commitment time. If you submitted your deposit via paypal, we will return it via paypal. If you submitted it to your TFC Post Partner with cash, they will return it to you in cash. Alternatively, you can also choose to donate your deposit to support our women and children beneficiaries!


Have more questions or concerns about this notice? Email us at


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