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HerKitchen is a café-restaurant that empowers women through culinary arts education and sustainable employment pathways. What sets us apart is our dedicated staff, consisting exclusively of Vietnamese single mothers facing difficulties. They showcase their culinary creations, sharing regional dishes and heartwarming stories that resonate with audiences worldwide while simultaneously embarking on the path to entrepreneurship from their own kitchens.


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Provides skills, training and professional opportunities for economically vulnerable women, increasing their employability and income potential.
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Supports women gaining financial independence and stability to better provide for their families as single mothers.
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Allows women to build professional networks and connections that can lead to jobs in the culinary/hospitality sector


The Empowerment Program HerKitchen is not only a way to empower single mothers with skills and business opportunities, but is also integrated into our Teach for Change Volunteer Program. 


Every second month, our HerKitchen Ladies organize and lead a cooking class for our GOTOCO Volunteers, where they not only share exciting vegan recipe ideas but also collaborate on crafting products from HerCraft.


This event represents a wonderful synergy inside our organization, bringing together the cornerstones of all our programs for mutual exchange and enrichment!

Additionally, we will soon open up these classes and include an exciting workshop that tourists will be able to participate in.

Here, we will incorporated a delightful boutique-style shopping area featuring HerCraft products, including clothing, bags, accessories, souvenirs, and toys as well as HerKitchen dry products that can be used as snacks or souvenirs.


We are currently working on the new website for the HerKitchen Program with an integrative Shop. 

Stay tuned!


Getting involved with The Empowerment Plan is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged women and children in Vietnam. 
As a volunteer you can support disadvantaged women in Vietnam on their journeys towards confidence, resilience and independence.

Join HerKitchen

Spread the word about HerKitchen's cooking experiences. Share their stories and delicious recipes with your networks to increase awareness and participation.


Contribute to the Empowerment Fund!

  • Make financial contributions to the Empowerment Fund to help single mothers access essential resources and support services. Your donations can cover emergency costs, provide educational scholarships, or extend microloans for entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Spread awareness about the Empowerment Fund and encourage others to contribute. Every donation makes a meaningful impact on the lives of their families.

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