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HerCraft's mission is to bridge the socioeconomic gap between minority and majority groups in Vietnam, while also enhancing the livelihood standards of disadvantaged women and supporting their children's education.

We achieve this by leveraging skills to craft unique products under the HerCraft brand, with proceeds reinvested to support their socioeconomic advancement.


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Strengthen traditional weaving/dying techniques and weaving-based businesses for ethnic minority women.
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Mobilize sustainable resources from the community to sustain HerCraft programs and businesses.
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Foster small, cooperative business ventures to enhance women's group capacities and promote community development.
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Alleviate pressure on local forests by promoting alternative, sustainable livelyhoods.

blending old and new:

Handcrafted Goods with a Purpose

HerCraft products use a combination of traditional and modern handicraft techniques, such as sewing, knitting, embroidery and crochet to design a variety of products. The clothing and accessory products include: Handbags, backpacks, wallets, t-shirts, button-down shirts, casual dresses, pants.

Our children’s toy products include: stuffed animals of species in Vietnam that in danger of disappearing. Each clothing and accessory product is designed with traditional, nature-incorporated symbols integrated and each children’s toy is made with a special ‘defect,’ or part of the animal, whether it be a trunk, paw, or other, that is made from colorful cloth that differentiates it from other types of children’s toys. Each product will come with a HerCraft leaflet explaining the mission of the social enterprise and the backgrounds of our beneficiaries.

Future products will be made entirely out of environmentally sustainable materials and will expand to include new clothing and accessory designs, as well as more animals that are in danger of disappearing due to deforestation and rapid development in Vietnam.

We also plan to expand this social enterprise to bring in more ethnic minority artisans whose handicrafts, cultures and languages are in danger of disappearing forever due to pressures to integrate fully into the ethnic majority Kinh social and political spaces.


We are currently working on the new website for the HerCraft Program with an integrative Shop. 

Stay tuned!


Getting involved with The Empowerment Plan is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged women and children in Vietnam. 
As a volunteer you can support disadvantaged women in Vietnam on their journeys towards confidence, resilience and independence.

Support HerCraft

Assist in building a sales network in Europe by connecting The Empowerment Plan with shops in your hometown or region. Facilitate the sale of handmade goods to support women's livelihoods and promote cultural heritage.

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Contribute to the Empowerment Fund!

  • Make financial contributions to the Empowerment Fund to help single mothers access essential resources and support services. Your donations can cover emergency costs, provide educational scholarships, or extend microloans for entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Spread awareness about the Empowerment Fund and encourage others to contribute. Every donation makes a meaningful impact on the lives of their families.

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