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the empowerment plan supports disadvantaged women

The Empowerment Plan, a flagship program of Catalyst for Change, aims to create opportunities for disadvantaged women to achieve financial independence, pursue education, heal from trauma, enhance their skills, realize their potential and create a better future for them and their children.

The Empowerment Plan

To realize this vision, we take a holistic approach to support women from diverse backgrounds, including low-income, single mothers, disabled, ethnic minority, and domestic violence victims.

OUR PROGRAMS are dedicated to empowering women through an expansive support network, by providing free vocational training, funding, business opportunities and job placements, fostering mental health awareness and offering psychological therapy, and free or low-cost English classes for their children. 
Our campaigns are centered on cultivating essential life skills and delivering training that not only enhances independence but also fosters equitable opportunities for all.


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Women connected via HerAcademy


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Ethnic minority women trained and working in HerCraft


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Women trained and working in HerKitchen



To support our projects, the Empowerment Plan oversees two key components of support:

Our Empowerment Fund is a multifaceted financial resource designed to uplift and empower single mothers as they pursue education and careers. In addition to covering emergency costs like medical bills, childcare, or other vital expenses that may arise unexpectedly, the Fund also provides working mothers with critical resources for longer-term security and advancement.

Our O$ Marketplace is a nationwide goods exchange, fostering community and support among women across Vietnam. Through our platform, women can freely donate or receive essential items, from clothes to baby supplies, shipped entirely free of charge. With donation centers in key cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang, we ensure accessibility for all women, regardless of location.

OUR VISION is to provide comprehensive support mechanisms for disenfranchised women, in order for them to re-establish themselves as functional and valued members of society. By increasing their employability, confidence and independence, we help them provide financial support for themselves and their children. By supporting them as mothers, we hope they can give their children the chance to grow up in a safe, stable, and healthy home.


Getting involved with The Empowerment Plan is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged women and children in Vietnam. 
As a volunteer you can support disadvantaged women in Vietnam on their journeys towards confidence, resilience and independence.

Join our Empowerment Programs

Our organization offers various ways for you to contribute and get involved in supporting women's empowerment. Whether you have expertise to share, connections to build, or stories to spread, we welcome your participation in our mission to uplift and empower women.


Contribute to the Empowerment Fund!

  • Make financial contributions to the Empowerment Fund to help single mothers access essential resources and support services. Your donations can cover emergency costs, provide educational scholarships, or extend microloans for entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Spread awareness about the Empowerment Fund and encourage others to contribute. Every donation makes a meaningful impact on the lives of their families.

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