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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Program significantly impacts disadvantaged communities by providing business opportunities, empowerment and essential education. This program aims to deepen the understanding of disparities throughout Vietnam while also showcasing its cultural and culinary heritage. By integrating the Teach for Change and Empowerment Plan initiatives, it strengthens the overall awareness towards the alignment of volunteering and cultural preservation.


At C4C, we believe in fostering resilience and opportunity, breaking the cycle of disadvantage in Vietnam. From our transformative Teach for Change initiative to the Empowerment Plan, we're committed to unleashing the full potential of every individual.

Our Community Engagement Program seamlessly integrates with our broader initiatives, allowing volunteers to gain insights into both Teach for Change and Empowerment Plan projects. Through innovative educational approaches and vocational training programs, volunteers make a meaningful impact on the lives of rural children and disadvantaged women across Vietnam.

In our Community Engagement Program, volunteers embark on a transformative journey that intertwines teaching with community empowerment initiatives. They become active participants in our Empowerment Plan projects, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and triumphs within the communities we serve.


Through our program, we empower C4C women

entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and enhance their

livelihoods. Volunteers collaborate with these women,

supporting them as they lead cooking and handicraft classes.

This not only enables them to earn a sustainable income

but also serves as a platform to showcase their talents, products, and cultural heritage to an international audience.

Moreover, the Community Engagement Program is a springboard for professional growth. Volunteers gain invaluable teaching experience, forge meaningful connections with local schools and children, and actively contribute to educational initiatives that have a lasting impact on the communities.



By collaborating with long-term volunteers and Vietnamese staff at C4C partner schools, many children are provided with educational materials, one-on-one student assistance and new teaching methodologies. This fosters cross-cultural understanding and camaraderie with Vietnamese youth, highlighting the significant global impact on education and cultural exchange.

Teaching Assistant

By collaborating with the HerCraft Project, women from disadvantaged communities are supported with the opportunity to earn their own income and showcase their valuable skills, leading to a sense of empowerment.

Handcrafting with Her Craft

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By collaborating with the HerKitchen Project, our women chefs share traditional Vietnamese recipes with volunteers and tourists, while at the same time getting financial support and economic opportunities.

Cooking with HerKitchen

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With the Community Engagement Program we 

Mental Health with HerAcademy

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Getting involved with Catalyst for Change is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged women and children in Vietnam. 

We offer several ways of getting involved with our Community Engagement Program, depending on the time and resources you are able to commit.

We highly welcome you to learn more about our Volunteer Community!

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